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 A Brief History of Summit

Summit was founded in 1996 as Boulder Valley School District's first public charter school.  The school was founded by a group of parents in the district who established the following mission of the school:
·       To provide a rigorous, academic curriculum that promotes high levels of student effort and academic achievement

·       To foster high self-esteem through stimulating intellectual challenge and meaningful academic accomplishment

·       To inspire in students a lifelong love of learning, a desire for self-development, and good citizenship

·       To create a caring community of peers who value scholarship, academic achievement, and creativity

·       To serve as an excellent preparation for students intending to study in rigorous college-preparatory high school programs, including International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement.
These are the core values of the school which continue to guide Summit to this day.  Since its inception, Summit has been extremely successful in helping students to achieve their potential and the school's standardized test scores are always among the top few schools in Colorado.
Located in south Boulder, about a mile from the University of Colorado, Summit is housed in a beautifully renovated public school building in the Tantra Park neighborhood.

 What's Behind Summit's Record of Success

Summit's outstanding record of success is based on a number of factors including:

·     A well-developed hiring process that has ensured a high degree of outstanding teachers and administrators

·     A school-imbedded leadership structure that emphasizes professional growth and development for our teachers

·     A clearly focused mission emphasizing "a rigorous, academic curriculum that promotes high levels of student effort and academic achievement"

·     A diverse student population that helps create a vibrant school community

·     An environment that is small enough to be safe, caring and community-oriented

·     A well-rounded academic program, including development in the arts, music, drama, technology and athletics

·     Providing support for students who need an extra hand - i.e. tutoring, math and literacy labs, literacy support, special education, 504 plans, etc

·     Placing students in many subjects by academic level and interest rather than solely by grade level to enable students to be challenged at their full potential
·     Teaching cross-curricular skills in all core subjects

·     A teaching team that focuses on continuous learning, team-level instructional support and planning, and rigorous self-study of our discipline and our practice

·     Positioning our resources where they will most directly benefit our students

·     A school culture that values scholarship, meaningful academic achievement and creativity

·     A site-based management structure that allows us to operate with greater autonomy and less bureaucracy

·     A standards-based and benchmark-driven curriculum with clear, measurable objectives

·     A high degree of parental involvement, community involvement and mutual accountability for what is best for each student’s educational experience

·     Being data-driven and reflective

·     Goal-driven practices, including annual goals, data to support progress and next steps in those goals and reflection at each level of the organization

·     A spirit of continuous improvement, innovation and high expectations throughout our program