Mission Statement Mission Statement


 Summit Mission Statement

  • ​To provide a rigorous, academic curriculum that promotes high levels of student effort and academic achievement.

  • To foster high self-esteem through stimulating intellectual challenge and meaningful academic accomplishment.

  • To inspire in students a lifelong love of learning, a desire for self-development, and good citizenship.

  • To create a caring community of peers who value scholarship, academic achievement, and creativity.

  • To serve as an excellent preparation for students intending to study in rigorous college preparatory high school programs, including International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement.​​

 Key Points

   Founded in 1996, Summit is a multi-faceted school of choice which provides a rigorous academic program with a multitude of opportunities for personal growth. Summit is a tuition-free, public charter school and is part of the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). Enrollment is through the Open Enrollment Office at BVSD and is determined by a lottery run by the district.
   Because Summit’s curriculum is accelerated, we have a school year of approximately 180 contact days. This means that when you enroll at Summit, you are signing up for a school year that will have more school days than the rest of BVSD.

   Homework at Summit is an extension of classroom learning to promote student achievement, work habits and independence. Families should expect a homework load consistent with honors programs in other BVSD middle schools, with a range of homework time commitment from 1-3 hours per day depending on grade level expectations, project deadlines, learning styles and use of time in study hall. Parents play an active role in appropriately supporting their children’s work at home by enabling a balance between academics and extracurricular activities.
   At Summit, both students and adults enjoy being part of a community of scholars. Our outstanding teachers and administrators love what they do, and our enthusiastic students embrace learning in a supportive and stimulating environment.
   Summit prides itself on a vibrant school community, with ​Summit families coming from over 40 different countries and representing a rich array of cultural diversity.
   Summit is a data-driven school. We use assessments to place students where they will receive the optimum level of challenge and to guide teachers in their instruction. We administer standardized tests such as TCAP and MAP. Summit’s TCAP scores are consistently among the highest in Colorado.
   In order to provide the appropriate level of challenge and to support student interests, students at Summit are placed in their English, Math, World Language and 8th grade Science classes based on objective assessments, not grade level.
   Summit has a standards-based curriculum. Students must demonstrate benchmark mastery in order to advance from one level to the next. English, Math, Social Studies, Science and World Language (French or Spanish) are considered core classes and are taken every day by all students. There are also two elective periods each day for students to explore diverse areas of interest.
   Summit parents actively support the school through volunteering and financial support. We have an annual fund drive and strive for 100% parent participation at any level of giving. 

   Summit is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected by Summit families and faculty/staff.
   Summit is a caring community that supports and educates students in developing respectful relationships, healthy problem solving skills, socially inclusive behavior, and respect and dignity for all students, teachers and community members.
   Summit is a Green Star School, and we emphasize environmental awareness and energy conservation as an integral part of our program.​​​​​​​