Principal's Message Principal's Message{a1474b88-e943-4771-be13-3b8882c5fdd4}<p></p><span><p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"><span class="ms-rteThemeFontFace-1" style="font-size:14.6667px;color:#000000;vertical-align:baseline;white-space:pre-wrap;background-color:transparent;"></span></p></span><div><div><p>Dear Summit Families, </p><p>On behalf of the faculty, staff, and board of directors, it is my honor to welcome each of our families to Summit for the 2017-18 school year. Last year was the 20th anniversary of our school. This school year starts with a completely remodeled, fully functioning 21st century campus, worthy of our many accomplishments and specifically designed to uphold our successful Charter school's mission. </p><p>In the wake of great success with the building remodel, our attention is focused on improving our academic program through innovative ideas that support our school's mission, culture, and instructional cornerstones. In the words of Leo Buscaglia, "Change is the end result of true learning." Through a deliberate and collaborative process, inclusive of all Summit stakeholders, we are following strategic goals for our immediate future including: </p><p>1) Enhancing student wellbeing, character strengths, growth mindsets, and habits of scholarship. We are launching the Schoology Learning Management System to provide more effective communication with students and families, enhanced integration of technology into learning activities, and increased teacher collaboration on learning objectives. Students will now have access to all communication with one online platform, integration of announcements, one calendar for assignments in all classes, enhanced digital learning systems, and fewer screens will mean fewer distractions. The simplicity and consistency of this system will reduce negative stressors in students' work day. Parents will enjoy automatic notifications, one view for all assignment needs, teacher to parent announcements, and parents can easily coach younger students on time management and scholarship routines. Teachers can utilize advanced features such as online discussion formats, online professional learning groups, integration of Google Apps, and automatic gradebook population. </p><p>2) Increasing student choice and engagement in major projects while maintaining balance in workload. We are launching the 8th grade Pinnacle Experience, a capstone project that will allow students to choose Science Fair, National History Day, or from a variety of other discipline areas. This new experience is more inclusive of all 8th grade teachers and will allow students to gain valuable guidance from their faculty advisors, as well as learn from a community mentor. Most importantly, this new approach will allow students to follow their passion and finish their time at Summit fully engaged with a love of learning, which is central to our school's mission. </p><p>3) Enhancing critical thinking and rigor through inquiry, relevance, and engagement. We are seeking opportunities within the framework of our challenging and accelerated curriculum to increase student centered learning, which we know to be effective in areas such as project based and interdisciplinary learning. You may see this in the form of a new travel elective, classroom projects with a common theme, coordinated assignments between English and Social Studies teachers, or simply through a social math investigation that digs deep into discussions and arguments regarding the best way to solve problems using experiments to compare models; all culminating in the joy of learning advanced math standards and practices. </p><p>This is a very special time to be part of the Summit community as our future evolves before our eyes thanks to our talented students and teachers, as well as our supportive parent community. This year like all others past, our inspiring faculty, wise administration, and dedicated staff will bring our mission of academic rigor and our values of a caring community to life with our amazing students. I cannot wait to be there for many magical moments of learning and growth as I enter my seventh year as a school leader at this special school. </p><p>My top priorities for this school year include: </p><p>· Tactical implementation of our strategic plan with Schoology and Pinnacle Experience </p><p>· Providing a safe and well managed learning environment </p><p>· Sustaining success through the execution of our school mission </p><p>As always, my highest priority is to lead the school in a way that promotes trust, strengthens community, and puts student learning and well-being ahead of all else. I wish everyone an enjoyable start to the school year and good fortune throughout. <br></p><p>Sincerely, <br></p><p><br></p><p>Adam Galvin<br></p><br></div></div>