Board Committees Board Committees

The Summit BOD encourages the participation of citizens of the district in decision making processes. However, the legal responsibility for decision making in all matters of policy and operations rests with the Board. Board Committees and their membership are only authorized by Board vote.

 Summit Committee Policy & Structure


Authorized Board Committees should be identified as one of the following types:

Standing Committee:

May be authorized where (1) there is a compliance requirement to do so or (2) there is an established need for a consistently functioning Board committee structure throughout the year:

  • Finance & Budget Committee

  • School Accountability & Strategic Planning Committee

  • Development & External Relations Committee

  • Governance Committee

Annual Committee: May be authorized where there is a governance need for committee work that recurs annually but generally involves a focused, finite timeframe with defined deliverables:

  • Nominating Committee

  • Audit Committee

  • Principal Evaluation Committee

  • Summit Academy Committee

  • Diversity and Equity Committee

All Committees will be chaired by a voting Board member but can be co-chaired by others.Each voting Board member should be on at least one committee with the Chair as ex-officio on all committees. Standing Committees should establish a regular meeting schedule which will be posted on the Summit calendar. Standing Committees should operate with a degree of formality intended to promote communication and transparency including taking and posting of meeting minutes. All Committees are responsible for annual review of those policies and procedures related to their functions.

Special Committee
  • Pandemic Planning Committee (PPC)


1. Finance & Budget Committee


  • Recommending financial procedures and an annual balanced budget to the Board

  • for approval.

  • Reviewing the finances of the school at least three times per year.

  • Providing oversight of the operating budget.

  • Long-range financial planning.

  • Reviewing and/or developing fiscal policy.

  • Providing financial recommendations as requested by the Board.

  • Providing to the principal performance feedback on the school’s business manager.

Members: Ron Wawrzynek (Chair), Kevin Hall, Shelly Hendrick, Stephen Goettsche, Scott Vos, Amy Dove, and Adam Galvin


2. School Accountability & Strategic Planning Committee


  • Providing input to the Board to assist in establishing goals and improvement plans based on the needs of the school and consistent with the mission and vision of the school and the strategic plan

  • Monitoring the progress made toward meeting improvement goals and strategic plan objectives

  • Soliciting input from parents, staff and students as appropriate for assessment and evaluation

  • Submitting an annual report to the board of directors and the District, and make it available to the Community Members

  • Providing a liaison to the District Accountability Committee (DAC).

  • Preparing accreditation self-study and other documentation (once every five years).

  • Performing required regulatory and statutory duties.

Members: Ross Wehner (Co-Chair), Catherine Shea (Parent Co-Chair),  Adam Galvin, Laura Glaab, Peter Teasdale (Faculty), Steve Stanzel (Parent), Alexandra Ferguson (Parent) and Matt Dahl (Community Members)

3. Development & External Relations Committee


  • Major fundraising initiatives design, implementation and tracking (supplant with: create, maintain and update the annual development plan)

  • Maintaining donor records related to all fundraising functions through Donor perfect with administrative assistance

  • Identifying and pursuing grant and award opportunities

  • Attending Supports of Summit meetings

  • Liaise with Parent Connections group

Members: Renee Garcia (Chair), Tony Wibbeler, and Adam Galvin


4. Governance Committee  


  • Facilitating an annual review of Summit’s bylaws, policies and procedures and recommending to the Board changes that (1) are necessary to maintain compliance with applicable BVSD policies, state law and other applicable regulatory requirements or (2) further promote good governance

  • Monitoring BVSD policy changes and timely recommending waiver or acceptance of those changes to the Board

Members: Evgeny Taranda (Chair), Ron Wawrzynek, and Adam Galvin      


  • This board is a fundraising arm of the Summit BOD and from 1996 to 2016 was comprised of former Summit BOD members some of which were founding board members. Then in 2017 transitioned to be comprised of the sitting Summit BOD with up to 5 non Summit board members as appointed by the Summit BOD.


  • Debbie Stewart (Chair), Ron Wawrzynek, Jill Oliver, Nina Lopez,  Kevin Hall, Ross Wehner, Renee Garcia, Tony Weibbler, and community member Elaine Corey


1. Nominating Committee


  • Identifying and recruiting candidates for Board membership.

  • Induction and training of new Board members.

  • Must have three board members on committee according to by-laws

  • Recommending changes to Board structure and membership.

  • Coordinating Board self-assessment, evaluation and training.

Members: Kevin Hall (Chair), Ross Wehner, and Lynn Renter

2. Audit Committee


  • Coordination and oversight of independent auditor.


  • Tony Wibbeler

3. Principal Evaluation Committee


  • Reviewing and recommending changes to the Principal Evaluation Policy and

  • Implementing the Principal Evaluation Policy and Procedures.

  • Recommending changes to Board structure and membership.


  • Ross Wehner 

4. Summit Academy Committee:


  • Lead the planning process for the charter expansion.


  • Kevin Hall and Adam Galvin

5. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:
  • This committee was started in 2017-2018 to bring organizational focus to our shared goal of enhancing the Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness of Summit.  It is expanded this year to encompass the full enrollment function for Summit Academy

 Jill Oliver (Chair), Joe Gutierrez, Ann Morrill, Vicki Sahami, Ram Satrasala, Kristine Johnson, and Adam Galvin Speical Committee

Pandemic Planning Committee (PPC) Overview

This committee began in May of 2020 during the CoronaVirus Pandemic. The committee charge is to study, support, and advise on matters related to the Pandemic’s effect on Summit Middle School. A Pandemic Planning Employee Task Force also meets regularly on the same topics and has some cross membership. 

Areas of focus for this committee include:

  • Preparing for a wide range of possible effects the pandemic will have on the 20/21 school year

  • Providing support to Summit leadership related to pandemic needs and requirements

  • Considering stakeholder input regarding school changes related to the pandemic

  • Research and advise on pandemic related matters such as: distance learning plans, health and safety protocols, rules and policies, communications, budget.  

  • Members: Dianne Buchholz, Adam Perkins, Laura Glaab, Alex Bradley, Jill Oliver, Karin Susskind, Christine Nimmo, Alexia Marks, Alison Freedman, Michelle Shewchuck, and Adam Galvin

PPC Meeting schedule Thursdays: 7/9, 7/23, 8/6 from 5:30pm-7pm 

Phone:  +1 505-226-3223 (PIN: 116668020)