Enrollment at Summit
Summit is a public charter school that is not a neighborhood school. This means that any student who is interested in attending Summit Middle School will need to participate in BVSD's Open Enrollment (OE) process.
Open Enrollment Window Dates: 
Open Enrollment Opens: November 1st, 2021 
Open Enrollment Closes: January 5th, 2022 
Open Enrollment In-Person Tour Dates (Reservations are Required) 
  • All in-person day tours are full. Please make sure to attend our virtual tour on December 15th. 
Virtual Evening Information Presentation 
Wednesday, December 15th, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (Spanish translation available). No reservations are needed.
  • Click here to join this presentation via Google Meet, please wait to be admitted. 
  • To phone into this presentation call: 1-617-675-4444 and use the PIN: 828 903 565 2595
Open Enrollment In-Person Tour Information 
Open Enrollment tours are designed for students and parents. This school year we are only able to schedule reservation for one student and one parent. We are unable to accommodate rescheduled tour requests due to limited space. We are currently asking that all adult visitors to Summit by fully vaccinated, including parent on Open Enrollment tours. Please make sure that you are following the BVSD At Home COVID-19 Symptom Screening Tool for Parents
How to Register for an Open Enrollment Tour
At this time you will need to call for a tour, as most of our tours are full. Reservations are required, and are first come, first serve. Face coverings are required for all attendees. Additionally, only ONE parent and ONE student will be able to attend the in-person tour, due to limited space. Please note, we will not be adding any additional tours at this time. 
How to Enroll At Summit
Any student interested in enrolling at Summit should complete an on-time application through the BVSD Open Enrollment (OE) process. You can find more instruction on how to enroll on the BVSD Open Enrollment website. Please remember to read through the guidelines on this page so that you have a good understanding of the process. Lottery results from the open enrollment lottery are typically emailed to families mid-January. If your student is offered a seat at Summit Middle School, you will have only a limited amount of time to decline that offer before your student is automatically accepted for the next school year.
Summit Open Enrollment Preference Information
Open enrollment preferences are only applied to on-time applications. Please make sure that you meet the deadline to ensure that any preferences that are applicable are applied to your student's application.
You will be prompted to answer questions regarding Summit's preferences. Please make sure to read and answer all questions in full. We are unable to adjust applications after they have been submitted.
Please also be aware that the preferences below do not guarantee your student a seat at Summit. They must be offered a seat through the lottery, which will take into consideration all students, preferences, and space available. 
  • Summit Board Member Preference: Children of school organizers and of present and former directors. 
  • Summit Employee Preference: Children of current teachers and staff residing in or out of the Boulder Valley School District. Click here for current job offerings at Summit
  • Summit Sibling Preference: In district sibling of currently enrolled students and Summit graduates (completed 8th grade at Summit), including those accepted in the current lottery. 
  • Family Income Preference: This preference applies to in-district applicants for 6th grade who submit an optional current year Family Economic Data Survey as part of their online open enrollment application and qualify as low-income, until 10% of the qualifying entering 6th grade students are enrolled.
  • Please click here for more information on how to see if you qualify for BVSD's Free and Reduced Lunch program, and this preference. Families are also welcome to come into the front office for help with filling out their Free and Reduced application. 
  • In District with prior application: A student who was placed on the wait list and not offered a seat at Summit, but who is now applying again for the next school year.   
  • Student within the boundaries of BVSD: Any student who resides within the Boulder Valley School District will be given preference.
  • Out of District Siblings: This preference will applied to any sibling of a current Summit student, or a former Summit student, that resides outside of BVSD.
Summit Shadow Days
**There will be no Shadow days (in-person or virtual) for the 21-22 school year, due to COVID ** Shadow days will only be offered to those students who have received a seat offer to Summit through the open enrollment lottery. Details about how to sign up for a shadow day will be included in the Open Enrollment notification that you will receive from BVSD. Please make sure to read all of the details in this notification. 
Need Help Applying? Come on in!
If you need help completing the Open Enrollment application, or applying for the Free and Reduced Lunch program, please reach out to the Summit Office at 720-561-3900 or
We would be happy to help you complete your application in-person, and are able to provide a secure internet connections, a device for families to use, and any assistance answering questions along the way. You are also welcome to call the front office and we will do our best to assist you over the phone.