Dear Summit Families, 

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and Board of Directors, it is my honor to welcome you to Summit for the 2020-2021 school year. This is a school year unlike any other. As a principal, parent of two high school students, husband of a nurse, and resident of Boulder I have seen the impact of the pandemic from many sides. My hope is that this will be the worst experience of our lifetimes and that it will end soon, preserving as many lives as possible. 

Those of us with careers in schools answer a noble calling to provide learning and social support to children, no matter how great the challenge or how complicated the circumstances. Now more than ever before, we need to live what we have been telling our students for years; you can overcome adversity, you have unlimited potential to improve, you can fail forward, and you need a growth mindset!  

When schools shut down on March 13, 2020 teachers were not asked to try harder, rather, it was assumed that they would step up to the challenge, and they did. Teachers were never asked if they could transition decades worth of successful school based practices to an online platform nearly overnight,  it was assumed that they would, and they have. Teachers were not requested to manage their home life and professional life at the exact same time and in the same space, it was assumed that they could, and they have. The effort, courage, sacrifice, and capability that our teachers are exhibiting during this pandemic cannot be overstated. Let's please not lose sight of the pandemic we are in, and let's move forward with grace and compassion for all.  

We are so excited to welcome back our students and families. Our school mission of rigorous academics sets high expectations for effort and achievement. The mission also calls on us to be a caring community, foster self-esteem, and instill a love of learning. Our caring relationships and high levels of student support propel Summit students to meet very high expectations and demanding academic standards. This year we are committed to serving this mission in new and innovative ways many of which we have not discovered yet. 

This year like all others past, our inspiring faculty, wise administration, and dedicated staff will bring our mission of academic rigor and our values of a caring community to life with our amazing students. I cannot wait to be there for many magical moments of learning and growth as I enter my tenth year as a school leader at this unique school. 

My top priorities for this school year include: The physical and social emotional health of our students and staff and their families, providing opportunities for authentic student connections, mitigating scheduling impacts on families and staff, and continuously improving our distance learning program. 

As always, my highest priority is to lead the school in a way that promotes trust, strengthens community and puts student learning and well-being ahead of all else. 

The purpose of the Summit Family Handbook is to inform students and their parents about the philosophy, principles, and operational practices that help guide our school. Our school is unique and it is necessary for us all to become familiar with the components, procedures and established rules of the school. Please take some time to read this material with the intent of helping us maintain the positive school climate and safe environment we all enjoy here at Summit. Should questions arise as you review this handbook with your student, know that you are encouraged to discuss these with the school staff or me at any time. Open communication is an essential factor in the operation of an effective school. I want all families to be comfortable, respected and heard. Such communication promotes common understanding and helps us accomplish our goals. 

Summit Middle School provides the resources for each child to succeed in all aspects of school life: social, emotional, and intellectual. Please join in our efforts to sustain a high quality school and academic program where children grow and achieve to the best of their ability and potential.


Adam Galvin, Principal