Dear Summit Families,

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and Board of Directors, it is my honor to welcome you to Summit Middle School for the 2019-20 school year. We are so excited to welcome back our students and families! Over the summer, our talented teachers have been seeking new knowledge and preparing exciting learning opportunities, including an interdisciplinary unit on the Revolutionary War for 8th grade, a new classroom economy unit for 6th grade, and a new Spring Break travel program to Peru. Our scholarly quest for learning is always growing. Summer is also a time to seek relief from our busy schedules and recharge for the coming school year. Our teachers have been exploring Europe, hiking the Haute Route in the Alps, rock climbing in Spain, enjoying music, and spending quality time with family. All this is to say that balance in our lives is extremely important. 

Our school mission of rigorous academics sets high expectations for effort and achievement. The mission also calls on us to be a caring community, foster self-esteem, and instill a love of learning. Our caring relationships and high levels of student support propel Summit students to meet very high expectations and demanding academic standards. This year, we are committed to an increased focus on student and faculty well-being through implementation of the ASSET Education program. The primary goal of implementing the ASSET curriculum at Summit is for students to learn ways to cope with stress and build resilience. We will continue efforts to balance workload and promote a growth mindset which places learning over performing. We care for the wellbeing of each member of our school community and understand the pressures and challenges which our school mission brings.

Please remember that the Schoology Learning Management System is our primary digital resource for all classes and an essential work management tool. Students should never have more than two assessments on the same day. If for any reason you find otherwise, please report this to our school administrators quickly. Additionally, there is no homework assigned over school vacations, and there are two homework-free weekends per semester. 

This year like all others past, our inspiring faculty, wise administration, and dedicated staff will bring our mission of academic rigor and our values of a caring community to life with our amazing students. We will provide a safe and well-managed learning environment. We will sustain success through the execution of our school mission. I cannot wait to be there for many magical moments of learning and growth as I enter my ninth year as a school leader at this unique school. 

My top priorities for this school year include: 
  • Valuing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within our school community 
  • Enhancing student wellbeing through stress reduction and workload management
  • Promoting a growth mindset culture where students value effort, kindness, growth, and citizenship as much as achievement

As always, my highest priority is to lead the school in a way that promotes trust, strengthens community, and puts student learning and wellbeing ahead of all else. Summit Middle School provides the resources for each child to succeed in all aspects of school life: social, emotional, and intellectual. Please join in our efforts to sustain a high quality school and academic program where children grow and achieve to the best of their ability and potential.


Adam Galvin, Principal