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BVSD's Health Education Program provides comprehensive, skill-based​​, age appropriate classroom instruction that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of health.​  At Summit, Health is an im​portant component of the 8th grade year.  ​





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 Health Standards - 7th grade

​Click here to read the BVSD 7th grade Health Curriculum Essentials Document 

 Health Standards - 8th grade

​Click here to read the BVSD 8th grade Health Curriculum Essentials Document 

 Resources and Partners


 Letter to Parents - November 2016

Dear 7th and 8th Grade Summit Families,

We are excited for the opportunity we have this year to integrate Health and Wellness with our Physical Education program at Summit.  This gives students a chance to explore issues related to their own physical health, as well as see connections with social, emotional, mental, and environmental health.  

We will begin a series of health lessons this week with our partners from Boulder Valley Women's Health and SHAPE.  We will begin with lessons on healthy relationships skills, communication skills in relationships, and how to make healthy decisions affecting sexual and reproductive health: abstinence, contraception, and STIs.  Guests from the Boulder community will be visiting PE classes on these dates:

·  Friday, November 11th

·  Monday, November 14th

·  Tuesday, November 15th

·  Friday, November 18th

If  you wish to opt your student out of these lessons or a specific portion or portions of the instruction on the grounds that it is contrary to the religious beliefs, teachings or closely held personal beliefs of your family, please email this request in writing to summit.office@bvsd.org, and include the student's name.

In spring semester, we will begin our 8th grade elective class which will meet every other day with 8th graders only.  Our health program will follow the BVSD Health Standards and will include opportunities for career exploration, high school transition, and outstanding work with our community partners, such as Collie's Closet, Natural Highs, Dr. Alexis Saccoman, and others.  We look forward to a semester of meaningful work with the 8th grade students in all aspects of health and wellness.


James Gattas, PE/Health Instructor
Elizabeth Burrows, Counselor
Cece Davis, Assistant Principal