Summit offers math courses from Pre-Algebra through Algebra II/Trig.  ​Student ability, background and motivation are used to place students properly in math courses. Teacher recommendations, performance on incoming math assessments, performance on MAP testing, and performance on baseline in-class assessments given at the beginning of the school year are all used to determine the most appropriate course placement. Parent input and preference is taken into account, however it is only one criteria. Students should be encouraged to take the most challenging course in which they can succeed, but care should be taken to avoid putting students in a “no-win" situation where they are unable to comprehend and master the content.​


Pre-Algebra is designed for students who possess a solid understanding of place value and computational fluency and are ready to further develop proportional thinking skills.  Pre-Algebra helps students to build on their computational skills as they transition into algebra. Topics include number theory; integers; numerical and algebraic expressions; equations in one variable; fraction and decimal computation; perimeter, area and volume; data analysis; and ratio, proportion and percent.


Accelerated Pre-Algebra is designed for the student who excels in math. To succeed in this course, students need to have competence in basic computational skills, including fractions and decimals. This fast-paced course covers the regular Pre-Algebra topics in more depth and includes additional topics, such as solving inequalities and graphing linear equations and inequalities.

intro to algebra

This course gives students a thorough foundation in the basic concepts of algebra. The following topics are covered in depth: linear equations, systems of equations, polynomials, radical expressions, factoring, quadratic equations, and working with exponents. This is the first part of a two year course, which should be followed by Algebra B/Introduction to Geometry.

accelerated algebra

This is a fast-paced 7th-grade course appropriate for students who are able to understand and process new concepts quickly.  This course covers all standard “Algebra 1” topics in depth and explores other advanced mathematical concepts like matrices and imaginary numbers.  Emphasis is placed on polynomials, quadratic equations, systems of equations, rational expressions/equations, and advanced functions (log, exponential, composite).

advanced algebra

Advanced Algebra 1 is an 8th grade version of Accelerated Algebra. It is an in-depth study of algebraic symbolism, systems of equations, graphing, problem-solving, and probability and statistics. The students will build upon their previous knowledge to further understand the characteristics and representations of various functions, and relations including: linear, exponential, and quadratic equations, inequalities, complex numbers, and rational algebraic expressions.

proof geometry

A high level of dedication is required to succeed in this course, as it requires students to learn a new way of thinking based on logical reasoning. The goal is to improve students' ability to think and express themselves clearly and accurately, and to learn the difference between "common sense" and a valid argument. Content of this course includes rigorous proofs based on definitions, postulates and theorems; angles and triangles, perpendicular and parallel lines and planes, polygons and their areas, similarity and congruence, coordinate geometry, constructions, symmetry and transformations, volumes of solids and an introduction to trigonometry.