Summit offers two world languages: Spanish and French. Because Summit follows a standards-based curriculum, we emphasize all five aspects of world language acquisition. These include listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. World Language teachers use the Communicative Approach to teaching languages, which involves creating as many opportunities as possible for students to engage in real communication. Summit teachers ​strive to create a comfortable learning environment in which students feel at ease experimenting with the language, even if it means making mistakes. ​Summit believes that World Language is a core course. Students take 3 years of a world language while at Summit.

We have divided two years of high school level language into three years.

Level 1: Beginning Spanish & Beginning French
Level 2: Spanish IA & French IA
Level 3: Spanish IB & French IB
Summit also offers an Advanced Spanish Language Arts class for students that have completed all three levels of Spanish. See the course description below. 


Native Spanish speakers or students with significant Spanish language experience might be invited to take Advanced Spanish Language Arts at Summit. This class is an intensive language immersion program taught completely in the target language and using authentic Spanish published materials.  This class emphasizes correct grammar usage and incorporates explicit teaching of reading and writing extended pieces in Spanish. Students will qualify for this course through assessment or teacher recommendation after completing Spanish II.  Advanced Spanish Language Arts is exclusively taught at Summit and the curriculum is developed at Summit, as such it is not repeated or offered at other middle or high schools in the district.