Summit offers a great variety of different electives that includes over 30 different classes. Students have the opportunity to take two preferred elective classes per semester. A required P.E. or Health elective and a suggested study hall elective are also built into student schedules each semester, for a total of four elective classes per semester. Elective classes will alternate each day, following the A-Day/B-Day schedule. 

How do I pick my elective classes? 
Each year, students fill out an Elective Preference Form with their preferred elective classes for the following year. Students will be able to rank 8 electives of choice, but we highly suggest that they take their time, read all course descriptions, and discuss their elective choices with their parent or guardian. Students will be held accountable for their choices the following year and should only choose electives that they are interested taking. 
How do I change my elective classes? 
We highly suggest that students try their elective classes for at least three weeks before requesting a schedule change. Typically, we reserve schedule changes for students who need an adjustment in their schedule to access support classes, or students who have been accelerated in a core class. Students are held accountable for the 8 electives ranked on their elective choice form. Please take your time choosing these classes, as we will not be able to change schedules for electives that students chose. 
Do electives have homework? 
If your read through the elective course descriptions on this page, you will notice that specific classes are marked with outside of school commitment required. Please make sure to take note of this when choosing your elective classes so that you can plan and prioritize your time. 


All students are required to take at least one physical education class each semester. Students are welcome to take multiple P.E. elective classes. 


Summit offers a variety of instrumental music electives for different skill levels. Our music students are able to participate in fun performances at school, as well as in our community. In the past our music electives have performed during the Parade of Lights in Boulder, at the Denver Nuggets game, and even performed holiday jingles at an assisted living home as part of a community service day. 
All instrumental classes at Summit are a year-long commitment, and we do suggest one year experience with an instrument. 


Summit offers a variety of different choral music and theater electives. These classes perform for their scheduled performances, during fun school events, and each year a few chosen students attend the All State Choir Competition. 


Summit offers a unique variety of visual art electives. Participation in these classes allow student to express their own unique visions of the world, develop their own individual inventive spirit, and provides a means of understanding oneself and the diverse world of art. 


Our technology and STEM based electives offer a space where students are encouraged to discover, explore, invent, and collaborate within a wide range of design and engineering challenges. The ultimate goal is to teach innovative design and engineering skills that will be useful for kids as they progress though their education, as well as long after they graduate. Students in the lab are doing much more than playing with cool tech gadgets, they are learning to use technology for the service of the community to solve real-world problems.


Students who choose to engage in our liberal art electives will work towards building skills such as public speaking, research and application of research, writing skills, and interpersonal skills.