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 8th grade Email - September 2018

Dear 8th Grade Parents, 

Please join us next week, Thursday, September 20th from 5-7 for a Summit Parents Happy Hour at The Barrel -- 29th Street Mall (outdoor bar in the upstairs plaza in front of Century Theaters where the skating rink is in the winter).  We'll be socializing and serving free appetizers along side the Barrel's cash bar.  Come say hello to old friends and meet new ones at this purely social event. 

Parent Teacher Conferences are coming October 10th and 11th. These are very long days for the teachers so we help keep their energy up by providing meals for them.  If you are able to help feed the teachers, please go to HelpAtSchool to sign up.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled from 1-7pm on October 10th and 1-6 pm on October 11th.  We will be using HelpAtSchool again to allow you to schedule conferences with up to 3 core teachers and an additional 3 elective teachers. Please look for an email from HelpAtSchool with your direct link on Thursday, September 27th at 6pm. In addition, if your child is TAG identified, you can meet with Laura Glaab or Joe Gutierrez to discuss their ALP.

Make the most of your time with each teacher by coming prepared with any questions you have for them so that teachers can address them within the time frame you have.  

8th Grade Pinnacle Project

Your student has just met with their advisor for the first time last week, on Friday, 9/7 and will meet again for an hour and a half session on Beast Day, Friday 9/14. 

They are still exploring topic areas if one has not been decided on yet, so rest assured they are not "behind".  It is a long process, and kids have time to let their topics come into focus. 

All of the projects follow the same structured process whether they are STEM, National History Day, or Pinnacle topics. The students will be thoroughly walked through the steps of research, citations, papers, and field notes.   In addition, administration will be communicating with both parents and mentors about the process to keep you apprised of milestones. For up to date information, check Pinnacle Project on Schoology.

Best Regards, 


Heather VerWys

8th Grade Parent Rep.