Linked below are Summit Newsletters and Weekly updates to keep families informed about what is happening at Summit. Summit sends a weekly update at the beginning of each week, and a monthly Newsletter at the beginning of each month. 


Here you will find an assortment of helpful parent resources. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please feel welcome to contact Summit office. 


Parent Grade Level Representatives are a great resource for new and returning parents. Our representatives will put together grade level news about events and opportunities that are happening in the Summit community. Please feel welcome to contact your grade level representative with any questions.
8th Grade Representative:
7th Grade Representative: 
6th Grade Representative: 



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The Summit Annual Fund
As a charter school, Summit is responsible for its own finances. While the voters of BVSD have been very generous, state education funding has been relatively stagnant. Therefore, the Annual Fund augments the following:
  • Teacher compensation
  • Professional development initiatives
  • Educational tools for learning
  • Student activities and enrichment opportunities
  • Parent outreach
  • Facility updates and improvements
Due to our families’ generous contributions, Summit can afford to provide competitive teacher compensation, innovative learning tools, and challenge activities that make our school so extraordinary. In addition, your donations directly fund enrichment items that make our learning environment at Summit unique and academically excellent.
Our goal this year is to raise $100,000. Our hope is for 100% participation and a contribution of $350 per child, knowing that each family’s ability to make a donation varies. Over the years we’ve had donations range from $1/day, to $2,020 each year as a tribute to a child’s graduation year. We've also received donations from extended family and matching donations from a parent's place of work. We welcome donations of any amount; every donation makes a difference for our students and teachers.  
You can make a gift in a variety of ways:
  • Click here​ to submit a gift online.  You will have the option to donate in one lump sum or in monthly withdrawals.
  • Bring or mail a check to Summit (checks should be made out to Supporters of Summit).
  • Contribute through matching company gifts.
  • Donate Stock (email Shelly at, for assistance).
All donations are tax deductible!
Thank you in advance for your generosity and for all you do to support Summit. Please remember that no gift is too small; our goal is 100% participation from our families!
Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about our Annual Fund.
If you have questions about giving, please contact Shari Polis, Chair of the Development Committee for the Summit Board of Directors, at  


Parent Connections is a great way to learn about all the amazing events happening at Summit and how you can get involved in our school community! Parent Connections was created to provide activities and events that develop, educate, inform and strengthen the Summit Community. Our group of dedicated parents work hard to plan various fundraising events that promote the Summit mission and support Summit programs. This includes classroom tools, additional academic programs, professional development and capital improvements. Our Parent Connections Group meets the first Friday of every month, from 8:00-9:00 AM, in the Summit Cafe. All parents are welcome to join us! 

Parent Connections plans and executes fundraising events throughout the school year. Fundraising supports many Summit programs, including classroom tools, academic and extracurricular programs, capital improvements, and teacher needs. In addition to our Annual Fund Drive, we also coordinate several off-campus events, such as the Summit Soiree and Celebrate Summit, that can serve as both fundraisers and fun, community-building parties! Each event has a dedicated chairperson(s) and event team.

Community Building   
Parent Connections sponsors a variety of community events for Summit students, faculty, staff, and their families.  Some of these include our Back-to-School Picnic, International Night, Student Talent Show, Summit Parent Education Events, Restaurant & Parent Happy Hour Nights, and Student Service Learning Projects.  These events showcase, promote, and celebrate the talents, passion, and enthusiasm of our amazing school community.  

Parent Connections coordinates many of the volunteers that support programs and events within the school community including History Day and Science Fair, Field Trips, Open Enrollment tours, Office & Classroom Support, and Staff Appreciation. 

Parent Education
Parent Connections organizes events that allow parents to explore and exchange ideas and information, serve on committees and advisory panels, attend BOD meetings, and schedules education nights about topics that support and enrich the ongoing mission of Summit.

For our family, Summit has been a great fit. Our daughter thrived mostly because of the support she has received from her teachers, staff, and administrators. What she learned at Summit goes well beyond the classroom and will serve her well for many years to come. We are all very grateful for that." Summit Parent, 2020 


Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Parent and community volunteers are an integral part of the Summit community. We use a program called HelpAtSchools for posting our volunteer needs. Please make sure that you are aware of the necessary volunteer requirements prior to signing up for a volunteer job. Thank you for the time and care that you dedicate to our school. 


Level 1 Volunteer Definition: A level 1 volunteer is able to assist with chaperoning students as long a school employee is present at all times. This could include volunteer jobs within Summit classrooms or on field trips as long as the volunteer is paired with a Summit employee. 
  • Level 1 Volunteer Requirements: All level 1 volunteers are required to fill out the free BVSD annual volunteer application each school year. You can fill out this form in-person.
Level 2 Volunteer Definition: A level 2 volunteer is required to complete a background check, which gives them clearance to supervise students with out a Summit employee present. This could include volunteer jobs such as chaperoning a small group on a field trip without a Summit employee present within your group. 
  • Level 2 Volunteer Requirements: All level 2 volunteers will need to complete the free BVSD annual volunteer application linked above. Level 2 volunteers will need to complete a background check through the BVSD Raptor System, please click here for more information. 
Level 3 Volunteer Definition: A level 3 volunteer is a parent/guardian volunteer that will be transporting students in their own vehicle. This could include volunteer jobs such as chaperoning an overnight field trip, or providing transportation for students during our annual BEAST service day. 
  • Level 3 Volunteer Requirements: All level 3 volunteers will need to complete the BVSD annual volunteer application linked above, complete one of the background check processes, complete the Annual Driver Volunteer Application linked here, and provide the office with a copy of their Driver's Licence and proof of insurance stating liability coverage. 


To sign up for a volunteer job or check-out the current volunteer needs at Summit, please visit our HelpAtSchools website linked here. This site will outline all volunteer jobs within our school community. Please make sure that you have completed the necessary volunteer requirements for the volunteer job you wish to support.