Transitioning to Middle School Transitioning to Middle School


  • Balanced after school routines are important:  family time, restful and fun activities, and time to complete homework.

  • Chunk homework, long-term projects, and studying for tests.  10 Rules for Good Studying

  • Use a weekly/monthly calendar to include in and out of school activities and commitments

  • Maintain a reasonable bedtime schedule and avoid late Sunday night school work, which results in increased student stress.

  • If your child is learning how to use time effectively, help him/her to estimate the time needed for assignments (each and cumulative). An example is the Pom​od​oro technique.

  • Practice mi​ndfulness​ and other wellness strategies when the tasks at hand feel overwhelming.

  • Use of the daily planner: each class, each day

  • Make a “daily plan”-a tool for completing daily assignments and developing time management skills

  • Reference unit calendars & syllabi

  • Classroom postings

  • Summit website

  • Homework buddies

  • Monthly calendar to track long-term assignments